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Reader Mail & Comments : I Got Detained By The TSA

Yesterday I wrote about being briefly detained by the Connecticut State Police, at the request of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and that once detained I was informed that I was not free to leave Bradley International Airport. Since my post went up I received both comments on the blog and in my email that…

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So…I Got Detained By The TSA At The Airport Today

This afternoon I was at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport (BDL)  for the arrival of JetBlue’s first flight to the airport (well not counting the diversions they’ve had to the airport in the past).   When I finished gathering the content I needed on JetBlue’s arrival at the airport I proceeded to exit security and look for…

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Photographers: Know Who Your Blaming…especially when falsely blaming the TSA

The other day as I checked the comments section for Flying With Fish I was met with a link back to a blog post by Chuck “Caveman” Coker entitled “I Hate the TSA” … naturally my interest was piqued. As I checked the “I Hate the TSA” link the first thing that caught my eye…

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