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Should A US Gov’t Bank Fund Air India’s US$3.4B 787s?

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is the U.S. Government’s export credit agency, tasked with the mission of providing financial assistance in support of the export of products from the U.S. to international markets. The EXIM Bank allows for pre-export financing, with no transaction considered to large or small for the bank with…

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Iran Seeks To Privatize Iran Air to Skirt U.S. Sanctions

Iran’s national flag carrier Iran Air has masterfully skirted U.S. economic sanctions since they were first implemented in 1979.   Since 1979, when the United States implemented its first economic sanctions against Iran, in response to the Iranian Revolution overthrowing the Shah of Iran, Iran Air has operated significant American made Boeing fleet. Currently Iran…

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Air Zimbabwe Skirts Sanctions Narrowly Flying By

Zimbabwe, a once financially stable nation, has faced increasing financial hardships over the past decade. The southern African nation’s financial situation has largely been caused by the politics and corruption of President Robert Mugabe government and the resulting sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States and the European Union as a result of President…

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Politics & Airline Route Maps … Egyptair Omits Israel

Airlines publish route maps on their websites and their in-flight magazines to advertise where they fly. An airline omitting a destination they service, with their aircraft and their crew, from their route map makes little sense, but Egyptair’s newly released route map omits a single destination … Israel’s Tel Aviv. Egyptair’s new route map shows…

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Iran’s Transport Minister Impeached…fired…sacked

In the world of politics, the occasional delusion official is not out of the ordinary … however among delusional politicians in the wrong job, Hamid Behbahani, Iran’s Transport Minister, probably ranks in the top 1% of those delusional officials. In the wake of a series of fatal plane crashes in Iran and a state airline…

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