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American Eagle Airlines To Be Renamed ‘Envoy’ … and why it is amusing

Since 1984 American Airlines‘ regional airline has been named American Eagle Airlines. While most regional airlines are subcontracted by mainline carriers, American Eagle Airlines was wholly owned by American Airlines’ parent corporation AMR, now the American Airlines Group, and served only American Airlines with its fleet of more than 250 regional aircraft.   Now, as…

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Upset Kid On Your Flight? You Can Kvetch or Help

Getting on a plane with an upset child … even worse an upset child that isn’t yours … it is something every traveler fears. No one likes being locked in a pressurized metal tube with a screaming kid. We’ve all heard the phrase “it takes a village,” and when traveling that same principal applies.  …

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Gate Checking vs “Valet Checking” Your Bag At the Aircraft Door

Web: — E-Mail: 30/12/2008 – Gate Checking vs “Valet Checking” Your Bag At the Aircraft Door As a frequent flyer who’s ‘home’ airport is only services by turbo-prop aircraft and who’s two alternate primary airports are heavily services by regional jets, I am often forced to ‘valet check’ my full-size carry on bag…

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