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United Airlines, Well Really Republic Airline, & The Legality Of Deboarding Passengers

Over the past week we have all become familiar with United Airlines vs Dr. David Dao … which really is more like Republic Airline & The Chicago Department of Aviation vs Dr. David Dao … but that isn’t really relevant right now.   Since Dr. Dao’s unfortunate situation with Republic Airline and Chicago Aviation Security…

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Jeep … Now Trail Rated For Runways! OK, Not Really

Yesterday morning as Republic Airlines Flight 3137, operating as a US Airways Express flight, flew a mere 100 feet over Philadelphia International Airport’s Runway 9R, ready to set its wheels down after a brief 47 minute flight from Pittsburgh, air traffic controllers order the aircraft to go around.   What caused the controllers to order…

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One Year Ago Today The World’s Largest Airline Was Created

Web: — E-Mail: 29/10/2009 – One Year Ago Today The World’s Largest Airline Was Created This week the landscape of US airlines changed, as did international airline alliances, and this change was cemented a year ago today.  One year ago today the United States Department of Justice approved the purchase of Northwest Airlines…

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