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El Al CEO Claims Airline Can’t Join Alliance Due To Anti-Semitism … What?

El Al, Israeli’s national flag carrier, has been facing tough economic times. The airline faces continual competition from larger regional competitors; rising fuel costs and geo-political issues impacting is business.   It is no secret that Israel has few friends in the region, but the airline is a vital economic link for the country.   As…

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Israel & Royal Jordanian Airlines – A New Middle East Conflict

Israel is fiercely protective of its State Airline, El Al … and not just in terms of its superior operational security … but also when it comes to protecting the airline’s financial interest. Israel’s protection of El Al is now creating a rift with one of the few nations in the Middle East that Israel…

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Visit Sunny Baghdad : Detroit Service Announced

The winters in Detroit are long, cold and brutal … whereas the average temperatures in Baghdad in March is a pleasant 62f/16c … so scheduled service from Detroit to Baghdad should be popular … OK, not really, but scheduled services from a U.S. carrier, namely Delta Air Lines, to Detroit to Baghdad actually makes sense.…

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Anti-Trust Immunity, Airline Alliances & You

Web: — E-Mail: 08/04/2009 – Anti-Trust Immunity, Airline Alliances & You I am sure that very few people ever give a second thought to anti-trust laws, international airlines alliance and how it could possibly affect them. If you are a frequent flyer, this issue does affect you, even if you do not realize…

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