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Reader Mail : “What is seat pitch?”

This week’s reader mail took some clarification because when I first read it I was sure it was a typo … but apparently it was a communications error. This week’s Reader Mail comes from Lysse. Lysse was on the phone with an airline changing her seats when she asked about legroom in economy class ……

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Airline Etiquette : Bags Go Under The Seat In FRONT Of You

When boarding a flight, any commercial airline flight, from any airport in the world, you hear the same message … “Please place your carry on item under the seat in front of you. For those seated in the bulkhead, please place your bags in the overhead bin for take off and landing.” There is a…

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Spirit Airlines Installs “Pre-Reclined” Seats : Are They Now RyanAmerica?

At the start of April Spirit Airlines reached a new level of unbundling its airfares by becoming the first airlines to charge passengers for carry-on baggage. For many years Irish airline Ryanair had been commonly thought of as the epitome of Low-Cost-Carriers (LCC), but it seems that Ryanair is rapidly becoming eclipsed by Spirit Airlines…

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