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El Al CEO Claims Airline Can’t Join Alliance Due To Anti-Semitism … What?

El Al, Israeli’s national flag carrier, has been facing tough economic times. The airline faces continual competition from larger regional competitors; rising fuel costs and geo-political issues impacting is business.   It is no secret that Israel has few friends in the region, but the airline is a vital economic link for the country.   As…

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Saudi Arabia Sets The Stage For Dueling National Airlines

Saudi Arabia has been rewriting the rulebook when it comes to airlines recently. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been working to privatize its national flag carrier, Saudi Arabian Airlines, the government has been seeking to create a more competitive airline landscape. Recently, after months of deliberation, The Kingdom opened up opportunities for foreign…

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How Certain Was It Air India Would Join Star Alliance?

There is the old saying that someone should not count their chickens before they hatch … although in the case of Air India it seems that not only did the airline believe they’d be admitted into Star Alliance on the 31st of July, many of the alliance’s member airlines believed Air India would be joining…

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Rabbi Jason Miller Defends “Delta No Jews Policy” Story & Fish Rips It Apart

Two days ago, on Thursday, Flying With Fish wrote Delta “No Jews” Policy – Could This Story Be More Wrong?, in response to an article by Rabbi Jason Miller, published by the Huffington Post.   Rabbi Miller’s article was full of misinformation, even on some of the most basic points.  Yesterday, Friday, Rabbi Miller took…

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Delta “No Jews” Policy – Could This Story Be More Wrong?

This afternoon The Huffington Post published an article by Rabbi Jason Miller entitled “Delta Adopts Saudi Arabian Airlines’ No Jew Policy.“ Granted, this headline is catchy and is inflammatory enough to make the story go viral … likely even to reach my Mother, who will be outraged and possibly forward me a link sometime in…

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