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Spirit Airlines Installs “Pre-Reclined” Seats : Are They Now RyanAmerica?

At the start of April Spirit Airlines reached a new level of unbundling its airfares by becoming the first airlines to charge passengers for carry-on baggage. For many years Irish airline Ryanair had been commonly thought of as the epitome of Low-Cost-Carriers (LCC), but it seems that Ryanair is rapidly becoming eclipsed by Spirit Airlines…

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Spirit Airlines Charges For Carry-On Bags & Beats Ryanair To The Bottom

Irish airline Ryanair is reviled by flyers throughout Europe for their extreme measures in ‘unbundling‘ airfares and charging for everything. Ryanair’s pricing is so convoluted that the airline charges passengers to pay for their tickets and even charges passengers to check in for their flights. While Ryanair is reviled, passengers fly them because of their…

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How Does Someone End Up Flying As Cargo? We May Never Know!

Web: www.twitter.com/flyingwithfish — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 30/03/2009 – How Does Someone End Up Flying As Cargo? We May Never Know! Every regular flyer knows that airlines move personnel around on their aircraft.  Some fly ‘positive space’ some fly ‘negative space.’  When I have done work shooting for Southwest Airlines I have flown with ‘green passes,’ also…

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