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Syrian Air’s Support Contracts With Iran: Is This The Blind Leading The Blind?

A few days ago while reading a media release from the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority I found myself stumped, wondering if the opening lines were a typo. But upon further reflection, the media release started to make sense. Last week in Damascus, Syria, the Iranian Government hosted the Iran Hi-Tech Expo … this event in-and-of…

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Iran Air Moves Away From Tupolev Towards Boeing

Recently I wrote about Syrian Air, an airline faced with sanctions from the United States, pondering its next aircraft purchase, and is exploration of the Tupolev TU-204 as a possible aircraft to replace its aging fleets.  While Syrian Air turns toward Russia for its fleet, an Iran Air subsidiary, another airline dealing the challenges of…

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Syrian Air’s Aircraft Predicament

Syrian Air is seeking to expand its fleet … but it has a problem … it can’t source effective aircraft for its fleet.  Since the United States imposed sanctions on Syria in 2004, and transactions with the Commercial Bank of Syria,  Syrian Air has been unable to have access to new modern ‘western’ aircraft.’ Syrian…

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