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Photographers, Southwest Airlines & Pre-Boarding

It seems that once a week, if not more often, a photographer emails me, Tweets more or calls me asking about Southwest Airline’s preboarding for photographers and credentialed media.   While the link to Southwest Airlines’ preboarding may no longer be on their website, the policy still very much exists, and is great for ensuring…

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Why The TSA’s Carry-On Allowance For Photographers Is Irrelevant

One of the first topics I ever wrote about on Flying With Fish was the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) carry-on baggage allowance for photographers. This allowance specifically states that for Photographic Equipment “You may carry on one (1) bag of photographic equipment in addition to one (1) carry-on and one (1) personal item through the…

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iPhone App of the Week : Nikon Learn & Explore

Traveling is the perfect environment for the burgeoning photographer. Breaking free from what is known and commonplace stokes a traveler’s sense of adventure and a desire to capture and record those moments is only natural. While I may find using my camera equipment second nature having spent my teenage years learning to be a photographer…

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Orbis Ring Flash – The Travelling Photographers Ring Light Solution

Ring lights are both fun and functional tool for photographers. Ring lights are great for macro work, creating even light when shooting still life images as well as producing flattering light (or really funky light) when shooting portraits. While many think of ring lights as a tool for nature and fashion photographers, I know countless…

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Getting Overweight Carry-On Bags On Board

Web: — E-Mail: 13/03/2009 – Getting Overweight Carry-On Bags On Board If there is one thing photographers fear, loath, worry about and detest it is getting stopped at the boarding gate and getting your bag weighed. Luckily these occurrences are few and far between for US and Canadian flyers, however it happens, and…

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Traveling Quick & Light : Packing A ‘Run Kit’

Web: — E-Mail: 01/03/2009 – Traveling Quick & Light : Packing A ‘Run Kit’ The run kit is a simple concept, it is single bag that is usually kept packed, or that can be rapidly packed, allowing a photographer to quickly get out the door and go to work. While I no longer…

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