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Follow Up : Hard Numbers vs Unite The Union’s British Airways Strike Numbers

This blog entry is a quick update of this post earlier today – Once Again Unite The Union Gets The Facts Wrong Regarding The British Airways Strike This update is a break down of some of Unite The Union’s statements now with hard numbers compiled independently of Unite The Union and British Airways. British Airways…

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Once Again Unite The Union Gets The Facts Wrong Regarding The British Airways Strike

Following yesterday’s break down of Unite The Union’s stream of blatant factual errors, I had hoped to see a follow up press release from Unite The Union rooted in fact, with verifiable details. Unfortunately yesterday evening Unite The Union released its press release for Day Two of the British Airways labour strike, it and it…

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The British Airways Strike : Separating Unite The Union’s Fiction From Fact

Yesterday Unite The Union, the trade union representing British Airways’ cabin crew, began the first stage of a two-part seven-day strike against the airline.   While I am not going to delve into the politics of the strike, I do want to address the significant misinformation and massively factually incorrect press releases issued by Unite The…

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How Many Airlines Can Strike In Europe? This Sounds Like A Bad Joke

Looking at the labour relations in Europe for the past few days I keep having a vision of my father walking into a room and saying “Home many airlines can strike in Europe?” then adjusting his tie, laughing and saying “No, seriously … I’m kidding…” as people stand around waiting for the punch line he’s…

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