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The New United Is #1 : Up & Down Game Of On-Time Performance

Airlines will constantly juggle who is #1 in any given category. Nearly every month and every quarter airlines adjust statistics to promote their top ranked aspects … so … … the official on time performance numbers for August have been released by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the top on-time airlines in the United…

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AirplaneGeeks Episode 117 – Something Fishy Here

This week’s episode of Airplane Geeks appears to have an appropriate title, as I was the guest on the popular aviation podcast for the third time and my four appearances on the show. Episode 117 has been titled “Something Fishy Here.” If you have some time download Airplane Geeks from the site or on iTunes. …

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Today We Awake To ‘The New United Airlines’

The sun has risen on at least part of the newly increased global span of The New United Airlines … the light will soon be raising over Chicago and Houston, the home of The New United Airlines and the former headquarters of the now nonexistent Continental Airlines.  By this time Jeff Smisek has likely changed…

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Tomorrow Continental Airlines Ceases To Exist On Paper

Tomorrow, the 1st of October, the last of Big Five Legacy Airlines in the United States drops to ‘The Big Four,’ as the transaction finalizing the merger between Continental Airlines and United Airlines is closed. As I have written about in the past, the merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines finally brings together two…

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How Will United Becoming The World’s Largest Airline Impact You?

A few days after the two-year anniversary of the Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines merger being approved, United Airlines and Continental Airlines will sign the closure papers on their merger on the 1st of October. Once United and Continental finalize their merger details and sign the closure papers they will eclipse Delta Air Lines…

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United & Continental Airlines Merger & The New Airline Branding

Rather than be an analyst regarding the United Airlines & Continental Airlines merger, and address United Airlines’ failed merger talks with US Airways in an attempt to draw Continental Airlines into merger talks; the fluctuating stock values of both airlines; fleet commonality issues; the incompatibility between fleet engine types, the Department of Justice approval process…

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