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United Launches @United Ditching 193k Twitter Followers

This morning as the sun rose over United Airlines’ headquarters in Chicago, the airline was embarking on the start of a new era dubbed Customer Day One.  Along with new changes in logos and branding being unveiled at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, the airline made a change in its social media …   … on…

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One Airline’s Approach To Creating The ‘Inferior Economy Class’

Web: www.twitter.com/flyingwithfish — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 22/07/2009 – One Airline’s Approach To Creating The ‘Inferior Economy Class’ OK…maybe the airline isn’t creation the ‘Inferior Economy Class’ but I am not sure what to name the complete opposite of ‘Premium Economy Class.’ Over the past few years many established airlines have experimented with creating an all economy…

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More JFK-LAX Options Coming Soon!

Web: www.fishfoto.com — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 29/01/2009 – More JFK-LAX Options Coming Soon! In the United States there are two highly competitive domestic routes that airlines go head to head on multiple times per day.  These routes are profitable, often have very high passenger loads, are a constant source of last minute business traffic and leisure…

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