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Guest Post : Steven “Slip and Slide” Slater’s Great Escape!

Today’s guest post is from Phil Derner, Jr, the founder of NYC Aviation, a serious airplane spotting enthusiast group in New York and fantastic online community to discuss airlines and airplanes.   Phil, and his partner in crime Matt Molnar can be found on Twitter at @NYCAviation The big news in the airline world this week…

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The Crew Lounge: A Podcast For Airline Travellers, sort of

Ever wonder what flight attendants really think about passengers? Curious what they think about other flight attendants? Just interested in the flight attendant lifestyle? Have I got a weekly podcast for you … The Crew Lounge. The Crew Lounges’ hosts are veteran flight attendants Sara, author of TheFlyingPinto.com and Bobby, author of UpUpAndAGay.com, two flight…

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