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Jeep … Now Trail Rated For Runways! OK, Not Really

Yesterday morning as Republic Airlines Flight 3137, operating as a US Airways Express flight, flew a mere 100 feet over Philadelphia International Airport’s Runway 9R, ready to set its wheels down after a brief 47 minute flight from Pittsburgh, air traffic controllers order the aircraft to go around.   What caused the controllers to order…

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A Run In With The TSA “Respect My Authority” Attitude … it was bound to happen

Readers frequently write me complaining of their interactions with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) front line Transportation Security Officers (TSO). For the most part over the past few years my interactions with the TSA’s front line agents have been generally been fairly uneventful … even pleasant at times … although I knew at some point…

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Reader Mail : “Why do you hate US Airways?” … I don’t

Today’s reader mail was apparently inspired by a reader mail post from this past July, and is one that isn’t really a fair question. This reader mail comes from Marcy who asks “I just finished reading your “Why does it seem you hate the TSA?” reader mail and was struck with this question, why do…

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Sometimes The Best Laid Plans Lead To Missed Flights

Today something happened that has not happened to me in 60.5 months … yes 60.5 months, I remember exactly when it happened and under what circumstances. Sometimes all the planning and pre-planned and factoring in of traffic and weather can come crashing down and the best laid plans lead to you standing at the ticket…

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