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U.S. Government Shut Down & Aviation Security … nothing to see here

Twelve hours ago the United States Government was shut down due to political gridlock on The Hill. As the nation’s elected representatives continue to play a game of chess using the citizens of the United States as pawns the business of airline travel must go on.   This morning I awoke to a flurry of…

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Revisiting The Absurd : Do You Have A Visa To Work Here? I Live Here

There are many oddities in international travel, often occurring with Immigrations and Customs.  Today I ran across  Sexism at the border: A personal account by Clay Nikiforuk, which annoyed me to no end. Whether or not all the details of her story are accurate, the issues in the story bother me. The story is not…

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US Passes ‘No Hassle Flying Act’ & Doesn’t Reduce Hassle

Yesterday the United States’ 112th Congress’ 2nd Session passed S. 3542, the “No Hassle Flying Act of 2012” , which is now being sent to the White House to be signed into law by The President of the United States.   Before you get excited that the U.S. Congress has done something to reduce the…

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Returning Home With Your Camera Gear & U.S. Customs

I had originally written this blog entry for Seshu’s, where it was posted it earlier today. Given that generally has a different primary readership of photographers than Flying With Fish … despite Seshu and I both being photographers based in Connecticut, having both worked in Bristol, CT and both being Boston Red Sox…

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