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TSA Tests Less Invasive Screening Software…what took so long?

This morning in Las Vegas, where people go to roll the dice and play their luck, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began testing L3 Systems ProVision ATD software loaded into their Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) millimeter wave technology scanners. The current generation of AIT scanner software in use in by the TSA has been highly…

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Will You Encounter A TSA Whole Body Scanner? Statistically No

The uproar surrounding the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) use of whole body image scanners has dominated the travel news at the start of this holiday season.   With all the anger and animosity being brought to the forefront of public attention, one aspect has been largely overlooked … how few passengers will encounter the TSA whole…

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TSA Enhanced Pat Downs : The Screeners Point Of View

In the past few weeks since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented its new “enhanced” pat down procedures there has been considerable backlash from the traveling public. This backlash has been loud and angry … but what is not heard or seen in the media is the quiet resentment of this new policy within the…

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A TSA Analyst Speaks Out On Current Security Procedures

Yesterday I wrote about the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new enhanced pat downs being ineffective, providing commentary from a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) anti-terrorism expert. The DHS expert detailed how someone could potentially smuggle explosives through both the new whole-body-imaging scanners and discussed technology under development that could identify concealed items. After posting the…

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Why TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Are Not Effective

For the past few months the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been testing the new ‘enhanced pat down’ at airports around the United States, before implementing this new security measure at every airport under its authority. The ‘enhanced pat down’ is in place primarily for airline travelers who choose to ‘opt out’ of being screened…

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TSA Whole Body Image Scanners – They Don’t Store Images

There has been considerable controversy over the deployment of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) backscatter whole body image scanners and millimeter wave scanners (referred to as WBI Scanners from now on).  Some people see the scanners as a violation of their personal right to privacy, others have religious objections, and others object simply because they…

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