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Air Zimbabwe Backtracks & Claims It Never Purchased Airbus A340s

For more than a year there has been speculation and doubt regarding Air Zimbabwe’s claims that the airline has acquired two Airbus A340 long haul aircraft.   As Air Zimbabwe continued to discuss the acquisition of the Airbus A340 aircraft over the past year, there were cracks in the story, such as the variant of…

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Air Zimbabwe Plane Repo’d & IATA Halts Ticket Sales

Earlier this month I wrote about the troubles of the beleaguered Air Zimbabwe in this post – Air Zimbabwe Skirts Sanctions Narrowly Flying By.   While it may seem as if things could not get much worse for the airline, they have.   Last week, the troubled Air Zimbabwe’s problems took a turn worse as…

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Air Zimbabwe Skirts Sanctions Narrowly Flying By

Zimbabwe, a once financially stable nation, has faced increasing financial hardships over the past decade. The southern African nation’s financial situation has largely been caused by the politics and corruption of President Robert Mugabe government and the resulting sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States and the European Union as a result of President…

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