Temporary Carry On Baggage Restrictions In Canada & UK As A Result Of TSA SD-1544-09-06

29/12/2009 – Temporary Carry On Baggage Restrictions In Canada & UK As A Result Of  TSA SD-1544-09-06

Over the past few days carry-on baggage regulations for flights to the United States have been in a state of flux following the attempted terrorist attack on Delta Air Lines Flight 253, operated by Northwest Airlines and the release of the TSA’s Security Directive SD-1544-09-06.

While the TSA’s Security Directive SD-1544-09-06 does not limit or place restrictions on carry-on baggage, it does require 100% inspection of carry on baggage at the gate for all international flights flying to the United States. As a result of this inspection requirement airlines in the United Kingdom and Canada have created their own cabin baggage restrictions.

The following are known to be official baggage restrictions for flights traveling to the United States only

– Transport Canada has placed a restriction on cabin baggage for all flights from Canada to the United States. U.S. airlines are not exempt from this restriction and should be enforcing a single carry-on bag restriction on all trans-border flights from Canada.

– WestJet : No carry on baggage allowed. Small personal items are allowed, such as a diaper bag, purse, laptop satchel, small backpack

– Air Canada : Single carry on bag only, with a suggestion that passengers only board with a small personal item. Carry on baggage allowance by Air Canada is at the discretion of airline personnel

– Virgin Atlantic : Single carry on bag only, not to exceed 9in X 14in X 22in (23cm X 36cm X 56cm) , with a maximum weight of 13lbs (6kgs)

– British Airways : Single carry on bag only, not to exceed 8in X 16in X 22in (20cm X 40cm X 55cm), with a maximum weight of 13lbs ( 6kgs)

Presently Security Directive SD-1544-09-06 is set to expire tomorrow, the 30th of December, however the US Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration may choose to extend SD-1544-09-06 or modify and continue SD-1544-09-06.

If you are flying to the US from the UK or Canada after the 30th of December with a Canadian or British airline check with your airline’s website for status updates. The carry on baggage limitations have not been extended to U.S. airlines do not appear to have altered their carry on rules for flights departing from the UK.

Should the TSA modify or extend SD-1544-09-06 I’ll post updated information on Flyig With Fish as it becomes available.

Happy Flying!


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