The End Is Near … well the end of 2011

I started to write a long blog post on 2011, highlighting favourite blog posts, discussing stories I skipped writing about and what I was look forward to in 2012.


Ultimately in the end there were so many things to write about I realized my blog post would cover nearly 9 pages, in Times New Roman size 10 font.  So, I scrapped the blog post, made my kids ribs for dinner, finished editing a blog post on Staying Comfortable On Long Flights then started to write this post again.


Looking back on a year it is easy to forget things, easy to discover some forgotten gems as you review your year laid out in front of you both in a blog archive and in files of notes with stories written and those not written.   It is easy to get bogged down second guessing why you wrote one post over another and why you never found the time to finish certain posts … but ultimately what was written is published and what was left by the curb may stay there or find its way into future posts.


So here I am, staring at the year in review in one folder and notes for 17 stories I already know I hope to find the time to write in January 2012.   Why look back when we can look forward?


It has been 2012 in Australia for many hours, I wished my friends in London, Paris and Amsterdam Happy New Year hours ago and those in Hong Kong Gung Hay Fat Choy half-a-day ago.  Now as the ball is set to drop in Times Square all I can say is this …


… it’s been a great year, let’s do it again next year!


Thank you for your support and for some reason sticking around to see what I’ll write next.


Have A Happy And A Healthy New Year!


Happy Flying!




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