TSA’s First Line Of Duty Death & The Gerardo Hernandez Memorial Fund

Regardless of anyone’s feelings for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) it is a tragic event that the TSA experienced the agency’s first Line of Duty Death this past Friday, the 1st of November, at Los Angeles International Airport.  While TSA Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) are the frequent butt of jokes or at the wrong end of angry comments, these men and woman are the most visible face of the agency and one of them paid with their life, while two others are now home recovering from gun shot wounds, while working to protect aviation security.


At 9:20am PST TSA Behavior Detection Officer (BDO) Gerardo I. Hernandez was fatally shot by Paul Ciancia at Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 3 while performing his duties as a BDO. Hernandez, 39, who joined the TSA in 2010, leaves behind his wife, whom he met when they were teenagers, and their two children.


For those interested, the Gerardo I. Hernandez Memorial Fund has been established to assist his family and his children.


Donations to the memorial fun may be sent to:


Gerardo I. Hernandez Memorial Fund

First Entertainment Credit Union

6735 Forest Lawn Drive

Hollywood, CA 90068


Hopefully this is the last line of duty death the TSA has to cope with for a long time.


Happy Flying and Better Days


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