Waking Up & Being Refreshed For Work … After Sleeping On A Bench

Travel is an uncertainty. The best laid plans can go out the window in an instant and if you travel enough, at some point you’ll probably find yourself waking on a bench somewhere needing to look put together and professional to walk into a meeting … or at the best least to be sanitary and not smelling like you slept on a bench before boarding a flight.


As an in-n-out traveler, who also happens to be really cheap, often choosing to sleep in airports if my time between when I finish what I am doing and my flight is less than 8-to-10 hours away, I have made a considerable effort over the years attempting to not look and smell like I just slept on the floor under a bank of phones in an airport.


So what is the trick for being refreshed after a night of sleeping on a bench due to [insert circumstances here]?  Being prepared for it.   A simple kit that always travels with you can make all the difference.   Now admittedly, not everyone has the same needs, but a small kit that can fit in your backpack or roll-aboard can make all the difference in not job looking refreshed, but actually being refreshed and sanitary.


In my bag I generally keep a well stocked Ziplock that sits in the bottom of my bag, out of the way, with everything else piled on top of it.


In my kit I keep a number of travel sized items, including

– Mouthwash

– Toothpaste

– Toothbrush

– Deodorant

– Hand sanitizer

Febreeze (Trust me … this is essential)

– Lint roller (If you ever find yourself sleeping on the floor you’ll wish you had one)

– Minty gum

– Prepackaged Wash cloths (sometimes you just need to “shower’ while no shower is available)

– Makeup remover towelette (laugh all you want guys, this stuff gets your face very clean)

– Hand lotion

– (Not Shown Is A Small Collapsable Hair Brush)


We can’t always control weather cancelations, mechanical diversions, being stuck on a train for 13 hours longer than planned with the air conditioning turned off … but we can take some control in how we feel and look when we wake up in the morning and need to get into a client’s office or get on another journey to get where we’re headed.


Below is a photo of the kit I keep in my bag.


Happy Flying!



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