Welcome To 2009!

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1/1/2009 – Welcome To 2009!

The Ball‘ has dropped in Times Square, the confetti has been thrown and in bright lights ‘2009’ has been displayed around the world.

While the New Year may begin elsewhere in the world hours before it begins in New York City, the world seems to tune in to watch the festivities every year and as someone who was born and raised in New York, I tend to think Times Square is somewhat akin to the center of the universe.

What does this New Year salutation have to do with travel, airlines, traveling as a photog, or any of the above?  Well, not much, except that watching the ball drop in Times Square reminded me the enjoyment I used to have walking through Times Square when British Airways displayed a massive scale model of the Concorde looming over the intersection of 7th Avenue and Broadway.

As we move forward and technology allows us to fly on massive jumbo-jets like the Airbus A380, I am left wondering when or if we’ll see the likes of the Concorde again in commercial aviation.

Welcome to 2009 and Happy New Year!

Below is a photo of the Concorde model as it was displayed in Times Square.

Happy Flying!
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(Photo Courtesy of British Airways)

a large model of a plane

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