WestJet Takes Customer Engagement To A New Level with #WestJet

What can one say about Canada’s WestJet?  The airline is expanding. The company’s corporate culture is unique. The brand image is based on being helpful, transparent and lighthearted.  The message is often unexpected, off the cuff and just brilliant.


I have previously written about WestJet’s use of Twitter and WestJet’s brilliant April Fools videos, but the social media folks at the airline are continually pushing social media boundaries, often pushing social into real world. The airline has done amazing things with bringing real wants and needs to reality and just the other day, the company has taken social media feed back and replaced the usual engagement with one of the best customer service engagement response efforts you may ever see.


Usually an airline, or any brand really, will only highlight the good and try to minimize the less than flattering comments. Well WestJet has managed to take The Good, The Bad and The WTF and roll it into one video, addressing it all. They even have their CEO in on it.


If you want to see brand customer service and engagement at its finest take a moment and watch WestJetters read Tweets – Hashtag #WestJet‬


Happy Flying!




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