Who Says The Romance Of Travel Is Gone?

While many claim the romance of travel is dead and boarding  a commercial airplane has become a painful chore for many … a lot of things can happen in flight.


On a flight you may find your quiet time to catch up on a book, take a nap, spark up a conversation with a seat mate, get your work done … or in some cases … meet the love of your life.  Typically the Delta Air Lines flight from Chicago O’Hare to New York’s LaGuardia is quick, uneventful and packed with business travelers, however for Arvin and Alex, a flight two years ago lead to romance and a proposal on board the very same flight two years later.


Unsuspecting passengers on board a routine Delta Shuttle flight were part of Arvin Shandiz’s proposal to the woman he met on the very same flight … and were then treated to champagne.


Check it out below.


Happy Flying … oh … and Mazel Tov!

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