The ‘You Might Be An Airline Geek If…’ Quiz

Summer is in the air, the sun is shining, some airlines are doing well and others are on strike … so I figured this might be a good time to interject some humour into Flying With Fish.

To completely rip off a comedy concept by Jeff Foxworthy, this post is all about “You might be a travel geek if … “

Airline geeks come in all shapes, sizes, likes, dislikes and preferences. mileage runners obsessed with gather airline frequent flyer miles, plane spotters obsessed with noting every single registration they spot, upgrade junkies who want to find every upgrade possible, model collectors who seem to have Gemini Jets collections that are larger that many actual airline fleets, etc etc etc

Here is a totally non-scientific quiz to determine if “You Might Be An Airline Geek If …

1) … you love the smell of jet fuel wafting through the air – 4 points

2) … you can tell a type of aircraft more often than not by hearing it fly over head – 4 points

3) … you have more than a dozen toy airplanes somewhere in your office – 4 points

4) … you have so many frequent flyer cards that you keep them stacked under a rubber band – 4 points

5) … you have frequent flyer cards from airlines you’ve flown only once (or never!) – 4 points

6) … you know what a three-holer is without using Google  to find out – 4 points

(WARNING: If Googling the term three-holer, search this phrase “”three-holer airplane”)

7) … you discuss the rebirth of Pan Am the way old timer Dodgers fans discuss the teams return to Brooklyn – 4 points

8 ) … you have any article of clothing with an airline logo on it, and you don’t work for an airline – 4 points

9) … you go to sleep in a set of airline first class pajamas – 4 points

10) … you collect now extinct airline time-tables – 4 points

11) … you know at least 75% of an airline’s route map from an airline you don’t fly – 4 points

12) … you have a completely non-rational emotional attachment to an airline – 4 points

13) … you have a completely non-rational emotional attachment to a type of aircraft – 4 points

14) … you actually know the difference between an DC-10 and an MD-10 – 4 points

15) … you know the two airlines the DC-10-15 was built for without using Google – 4 points

16) … you know why Pan Am’s Boeing customer code was 21, when it was Boeing’s first assigned customer code number – 4 points

17) … you can’t wait to get to the airport 4 hours before a flight – 4 points

18) … you know who Walter Varney is – 4 points

19) … you refer to cities by their IATA airport designators rather than a city name – 4 points

20) … you know how the Ilyushin Il-62 is historically related to the Boeing 707, Vickers VC-10 and the Douglas DC-8 – 4 points

21) … you’ve ever flown to a not so convenient airport just to check out a new airport – 4 points

22) … you’ve every flown a flight only to fly on a particular type of aircraft for ‘personal reasons’ – 4 points

23) … you’ve ever gone to the airport just to have lunch – 4 points

24) … you listen to the podcast – 4 points

25) … you spend more than two minutes a day gazing up at the sky looking at contrails or identifying the aircraft flying over head. – 4 points

So… how did you score?  I scored a ‘92

Happy Flying!


  1. Unfortunately, I googled “three-holer” and the first result was from Urban Dictionary… :o)

  2. Brian,

    Ummm Google “three-holer airplane” it has a TOTALY different meaning that is relevant to the quiz :0)

    Happy Flying!

    – Fish

  3. I want to reduce the variety of airlines I fly. My primary destInations from Honolulu are Micronesia (CO), SFO (AA or UA) and DFW (AA). I also have accts with Hawaiian, Delta, and Southwest. Which 1 or 2 should I remain loyal to?

  4. The “Three Holer” is a term affectionately used for the Boeing 727. and also possibly the DC-10/MD-11 and Lockheed L-1011 Tri-star and British Trident.

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