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16/05/2008 – Weekly Roundup: Flying With Fish On ABC News! ; A New Web Site; Network With Flyers; Fare Wars? ; Passenger Etiquette; Flying With Babies

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16/05/2008 – Weekly Roundup: Flying With Fish On ABC News! ; A New Web Site; Network With Flyers; Fare Wars? ; Passenger Etiquette; Flying With Babies

I’m starting this week’s ‘Weekly Round Up’ at the end of the week, rather than the beginning of the week. Yesterday, Thursday the 15th of May, I flew down to Washington DC to film an on air segment for Good Morning America on how to avoid being a target of theft while going through airport security check points. The segment takes the viewers through the process of getting through a checkpoint quickly and effectively. There are some other tid-bits thrown in. I don’t have a date it should air yet, but when I do I’ll post. To read more about Flying With Fish on national television check out this post:
15/05/2008 – Mr. Fish Goes To Washington – Good Morning America To Feature Flying With Fish!

This week kicked off with the introduction of AeroChannel‘s web site to the readers of Flying With Fish. AeroChannel is a do-it-all site for day of travel logistics. While only in its beta phase, this site has already grabbed my attention and proved to be a fantastic day-of-travel tool. To read more about AeroChannel check out:
12/05/2008 – AeroChannel, The New One Stop Website For Your Day Of Flight Logistics

Have you ever wondered what your airline could offer you besides a cramped seat, warm soda and stale pretzels? How about using your airline to network within your business or other social groups? See if there is something out there for you in this post:
13/05/2008 – Can You Use Your Airlines To Network & Grow Your Business? Yes!

With fuel costs rising faster than you can change your underwear, and airfares having gone up across the board nearly a dozen times this year, is it possible for a summer fare war to level the playing field? It seems like it may happen! Read up on this here:
13/05/2008 – Summer Airfare Deals Amid Skyrocketing Fuel Cost? Maybe!

I have been watching simple etiquette go out the window recently. Boarding a plane can be a race to the jetway, but on some of my last flights the passengers’ behaviours resembled the animals stampeding from the barn. For some basic flyer etiquette please visit the following link for some required reading:
14/05/2008 – Passenger Etiquette – The Basics Of Being A Courteous Flyer

Been on a flight with a screaming baby? Had angry thoughts towards the parents and the child? Don’t! To learn why you need to just deal with it read this post:
15/05/2008 – Flying With Babies, For Those Of You Sitting Near A Crying Baby……Deal With It!

That’s it for this week

Happy Flying!


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