16/11/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Travel Photography Boot Camps : Gura Gear Kiboko Photo Backpack : Backing Up On The Road 101 : InsideTrip.com

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16/11/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Travel Photography Boot Camps : Gura Gear Kiboko Photo Backpack : Backing Up On The Road 101 : InsideTrip.com

This is has been a somewhat short week on Flying With Fish. I’ve been tied with other projects. Some that will hopefully be useful to photographers and others that should be useful for frequent flyers………if your frequent flying photographer you may benefit all around.

For those of you looking for an whirlwind educational adventure shooting photos in five wonderful European cities, be sure to check www.comeflywithfish.com, then details for the Euro-Hop Boot Camp are released.

Looking for regularly updated information related to traveling as a photographer or just traveling in general? Follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/flyingwithfish

So where did this week begin? It began with the relaunch of the Flying With Fish No-Jet-Lag Travel Photography Boot Camps, at www.comeflywithfish.com. Currently there are two Boot Camps on the site with the third one being posted tomorrow, the 17th of November. For more information visit : 10/11/2008 – New Travel Photography Boot Camps Released On Come Fly With Fish!

Photographers are always searching for the ideal camera bag. While there is never an ideal camera bag, as different situations require different bags, this week I was one of the first people to receive the new Gura Gear Kiboko backpack. Having taken the Gura Gear Backpack apart a few times, stocking it with a few potential sets ups, and hauling it around for the week, I can only say “WOW!” While this backpack does not hold a laptop like many others, the bag is wonderfully designed, ergonomic, extremely light and well planned out. To read more about the Gura Gear Kiboko and see detailed photos of the backpack check out this post: 11/11/2008 – Gura Gear Kiboko Photo Backpack : A First Look At A Fantastic Bag

Working on the road poses many logistical problems. One of these problems is backing up date while on the road. Laptops and external hard drives are prone to impact damage and water damage. So what do you do to keep your data secure? Find out here: 12/11/2008 – Backing Data Up On The Road 101 : Part 1

Have you ever wanted to easily book your flights based on on-time statistics? Traveling can be stressful and knowing the likelihood you’ll arrive on-time can be an important part of your travel logistics. InsideTrip.com, while in the Beta Stage, is turning into a fantastic online booking tool for those seeking detailed information on flights before they book them. For more information on what InsideTrip.com can offer business travelers searching for flights, click here: 13/11/2008 – InsideTrip.com : Booking Your Flights Based On On-Time Statistics

……………and for those of you looking to make an impulse vacation purchase, Qantas is offering a very limited 2-for-1 special on select flights! This sale ends 12:midnight on the 17th of November ‘your local time’ (their web site reads your IP and knows where you are). For more details visit www.qantas.com

Happy Flying!

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