A Life At The Airport A Heathrow Photographer

Do you like photography? Do you like celebrities? Do you like airports? Do you like photography of celebrities in airports?  If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you’ll love the new retrospective book released by London Heathrow Airport’s longest serving “Resident Photographer” Dennis Stone.

Yesterday a present arrived in my mailbox from London’s Heathrow Airport, A Life At The Airport A Heathrow Photographer, by Dennis Stone and I didn’t put the book down until I had finished it.

While I am not a fan of celebrity photography, A Life At The Airport A Heathrow Photographer is a completely unique look at the work created by Dennis Stone during his 64 year tenure as a resident photographer at Heathrow Airport.

Aside from Stone’s unique unfettered access to Heathrow Airport and the comings and goings of its notable passengers, ranging from Joan Collins to The Queen’s Corgis, Stone has watched the airport grow since he first started work there at age 14 in 1946.

Throughout the years Stone has gotten to know a number of the celebrity’s he has photographed throughout the years and his images and insights noted in each of the photo captions is fascinating…with a wonderful Forward to the book being written by Sir Richard Branson, found of Virgin Atlantic Airways.

A Life At The Airport A Heathrow Photographer has been released in limited numbers and it is not for sale. 5,000 copies of the book are being distributed within the terminals for free (yes FREE), and are available from the airport’s Journey Team members in purple jackets.

The books became available on the 6th of August at Heathrow Airport in conjunction with the month long exhibit of Stone’s images in the Departures area at Terminal 5.

Below are a few photos of the book (including a photo of the cover of my copy of the book). The images in order are of Paul McCartney and his family; morning fog over the ramp in 1956; Joan Collins; Sir Richard Attenborough and a photo of Dennis Stone.

If you aren’t traveling through Heathrow Airport … start looking for this book used on Amazon or on eBay, it is fantastic both visually and in content.

Happy Flying!

a collage of many people

a group of people standing next to an airplane

a group of people walking on a runway

a woman pushing a stack of luggage

a man waving at the camera

an old man holding a camera


  1. o i would so want to get a copy of this but i am not going through heathrow till like this time next year!

    someone wanna get a copy for me 😉

  2. If I could I would. I was just through Heathrow five times this summer (not six because one flight was through London City Airport) before the photo exhibit opened and I am probably not headed back to Heathrow until early October after the exhibit ends.

    Sorry about that.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Thanks for pointing this out – picked up a copy yesterday! The woman I spoke with wasn’t sure if she was supposed to give them out and was surprised that I had heard about them. She said they had boxes full of them – if others are going through LHR in the next month you might be in luck as it seems that it not a widely publicized benefit.

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