A Solution To Avoid Sharing Your “Personal Wind” In Flight

Air travel has all sorts of personal hygiene and etiquette complications, being stuck in a 17.5 inch wide seat for hours on end doesn’t make these issues any easier. To cope with one complication that is rarely discussed in polite company, Solutions That Stick offers a unique solution … Subtle Butt.


Subtle Butt virtually eliminates the less that pleasant odors associated with gastronomical repercussions. This ingenious antimicrobial 3.25″ fabric square, produced with activated carbon, attaches to the inside of a user’s underwear with two adhesive strips and neutralizes the offending odors as they are emitted.


Solutions That Stick offers Subtle Butt in convenient five packs, great for a week of business travel, for $11.95 If you fly in economy class and enjoy eating Taco Bell during layovers, your fellow travelers will appreciate your investment in Subtle Butt.


One thing to keep in mind is that Subtle Butt is less effective for those who wear boxer shorts, but for everyone else … and we’ve all passed gas, farted, crop dusted, back-blasted, tooted, while on a plane, or been seated next to someone who seems to have boarded the flight after consuming large quantities of Franks-n-Beans … this product is brilliant!   You won’t even know its there … and your seat mate won’t even know you stopped for lunch at White Castle before your flight.


Happy Flying!

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  1. I hope you’ll update us with a full product review, including test results. If you can eat a plateful of black beans and NOT get locked in a lav by fellow passengers, we know they work!

  2. Justin,

    I have actually tested this product, and tested it while eating McDonalds, Taco Bell as well as an Italian sub, heavy peppers and onions flying back to back trans-con flights.

    It seemed to work quite well!

    Happy Flying!


  3. Well that’s great for us but what I usually need to do is plant something like this in my neighbor’s crotch. Any tips for that? 🙂

  4. Teresa,

    You could do this like the trick with breath mints. If your seatmate has bad breath, you pull out a packet of mints, take one yourself, and then (out of courtesy, of course) offer it to your seat mate.

    If you have a rather, er, noisy seatmate, you could whip out a pack of Subtles, apply one yourself, and then (out of courtesy, of course), offer it to your seat mate.


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