Airport Shops, Your One Stop Source For Bomb Supplies

Over the past few years I have written about all sorts of different threats to aviation security, and ways to bring weapons into airports and onto aircraft, with the intent of exposing gaps in security so they could be remedied.   While I have heard experts discuss the possibility of someone building a bomb from “household items” that would not raise any red flags by airport security screeners I had not seen it done, however a new video has come to my attention that is both fascinating and disturbing all at once. has posted a video demonstrating the construction and detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED) made entirely from items purchased from shops inside an airport. The bomb, dubbed the FRAGGuccino, is devised of simple items you’d find at almost any airport newsstand anywhere in the world, Li-ion batteries, body spray, condoms, dental floss, magazines, and it is all housed in a stainless steel coffee mug, with plenty of room to add other IED fragment components.


Threats are real; threats are all around us and the global security measures in place cannot stop everything.


Interested in seeing how quickly and easily a trip through an airport magazine shop can turn into a bomb making excursion?


Click the video below.


Disclaimer: Flying With Fish, nor any entity associated with Flying With Fish,  does not endorse the construction of or detonation of bombs, IEDs or any other weapons with the intent to harm others or impact the traveling public.


Happy Flying!



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  1. I see you took my comment off, why don’t you go all the way and take the video off. Before some kid blows himself up.

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