American Airlines Believes … Do You?

OK … to start off, I don’t believe a single video can repair a fractured company. American Airlines is battling internally and externally to exit bankruptcy on its own terms, bring labour and management together, and part of the company is on board with a merger with US Airways while part of the company seeks to fend off a merger with US Airways … so with all that out of the way …


… American Airlines recently produced “I Believe In American,” a video featuring not only those who work for American Airlines throughout the company, but its customers as well.   The video, while clearly focused on building consumer confidence and building internal pride, has had an interesting unintended impact.


The video has spawned an increased conversation between passengers and employees, as well as opened up new internal  conversations regarding the future of the company . While an unintended way to drive brand presence, customer loyalty and employee loyalty … I’m sure the American Airlines isn’t complaining about the end result.


Happy Flying!




  1. Wow. PR retoric at it’s finest. Best line from the whole spiel… “I do believe American will succeed. The orginations is an icon.” I reckon Pan Am and TWA might also be considered icons… and where are they today? We certainly feel for the orgination and especially the employees, but they will need to collectively step up and only time will tell if they are truly up for the challenge. I believe American has the potentional to succeed…. the question is will they?

  2. Don,

    Of course it is PR rhetoric … that is what companies produce.

    What caught my attention was how the message of the video was resonating beyond its intentional purpose, and morphing into something else.

    Happy Flying!


  3. I hope they succeed. I have flown with AA and still fly. For an airline that had marathon never ending negotiations with its staff, I find the staff almost always helpful and professional, maybe I am just lucky.

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