Apple iPad 3G : First Thoughts

From the time the Apple iPad was announced I stated this device had little purpose in my personal bag of gadgets. When I travel I fly with a 13″ Apple MacBook Pro, as well as Apple iPhone 3G and Blackberry Curve. When I need significant battery life and a portable computer, I have an EeePC 1005HA netbook that does what I need, as well as a T-Mobile 3G modem to get me on line from remote locations  … so with all of these tools at my disposal, the iPad 3G seemed like a gadget I simply could not justify.

Well as it turns out a week ago a client asked me if I’d be interested in undertaking a project that involved me receiving a 32gb iPad 3G to test to their specific requirements. I have done work with this client before and was familiar with their very unique needs … not to mention, I certainly wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to be given a brand new technology toy to play with.

This evening my 32gb iPad 3G finally arrived, I activated it and set it up on the drive home … and after an hour of use all I can say is this … it seems my first assumptions were wrong. There are quite a few immediate features of the iPad that leapt out at me as I started using it, such as the light weight, the ultra bright screen, the ability to access a 3G network without the need for an external 3G USB modem and the fact that the keyboard is easier to use than any netback keyboard I have ever used.

My iPad 3G will certainly get a workout over the next few weeks as it travel to work with me down to New York, over to Paris, out to San Francisco, a hop off to London and a day in Chicago, as well as some other stops.   I am sure the iPad has some flaws, and I cannot compare it to the MacBook Pro, but the field-testing of the iPad should be interesting.

From here on out I plan to incorporate iPad App of the Week reviews along with my established iPhone App of the Week reviews as I continue to use the iPad 3G … but for now I am off and running with one week to undertake all the required field-and-travel testing requirements my client has handed me.

Oh yea … and this blog entry is being posted via WordPress App on my iPad 3G, not bad for a device I’ve only had set up for less than two hours.

Happy Flying!


  1. I too bought an iPad. Not a 3G just regular wi-fi. I see it as a great gaming, video and travel device. It’s a good surfing/reading/email device – not necessarily too good for serious document input/composition put passable. It’s zippy fast and with a battery life @ 10hours it’s impressive for its form factor.

    When you’re in London be careful you don’t accrue lots of 3G roaming charges.. just be careful 🙂

  2. Nadav,

    For my client’s end needs one of the first Apps I actually loaded last night was Worldmate, I think it has a lot to offer them … and I know at least a half-a-dozen of their heavy-frequent-flyers subscribe to Worldmate.

    I’ll check in with you in a bit once I’ve put about 25,000 miles on my iPad over the next 5 or 6 weeks.

    …which reminds me I need to send you an e-mail in the next week regarding a project Worldmate may be well suited for.

    Happy Flying!


  3. In London & Paris I plan on using the pre-purchased international roaming. I am in both cities only for a day. For e-mail and data I use a Blackberry that offer unlimited international data roaming for $19.95.

    Happy Flying!


  4. My only complaint with the iPad as a blogging tool (so far) is that it’s not very good at handling photographs in posts. I would hope that changes with a new WordPress or other blogging tool. I’m also trying out BlogPress as an iPad app.

  5. Curious to hear your thoughts. I see the iPad as an acceptable sub for a netbook. Of course, I say that having never used one.

  6. Marshall,

    So far I am seeking the iPad as a viable substitute for my EeePC 1005HA netbook. It has its limitations, where the netbook is superior, but in many ways it is already superior. It will not replace the laptop though.

    Happy Flying!


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