How Do You Edit Your Photos On The Road? Editing For Social On The Fly

A constant question during the #SkyTeamRTW journey was enquiring how I was editing my photos for real time social media publishing.


As the round the world social media campaign was created by, and undertaken by, a long time professional news photographer (namely Me) , the logical answer would have been Photo Mechanic to sort and Photoshop to edit … but that was not the case.   Given that the entire #SkyTeamRTW project was shot with a mix of an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, all of the editing, and subsequent cataloging on the road was done entirely with iPhone Apps. Every photo had the same process.


All photos were selected in iPhoto (now “Photos” on iOS 8), followed by the app’s white balance selection tool. The photos were saved then opened in the Snapseed App, applying between +5 and +15 with HDR Scape, +5 Details, then cropping to a square for Instagram.  Once done with Snapseed, the image files were opened in Any Mark to add the #SkyTeamRTW logo into the image. From there the final image was uploaded to Instagram.


While three apps and multiple steps were used for every image that appeared, the process is very quick and very easy. Less than one minute was spent editing each image to allow every photo to have a similar visual style.


I encourage every traveler to try different apps, regardless of what phone they use to shoot photos while they travel, and find what works for them.   If you need help with your photos, consider joining the weekly #TravelPics travel chat on Twitter, you can find a great group of travelers and photographers every Monday at 3:00pm EST.


Happy Flying!




a bag on a stone ledge
#SkyTeamRTW in New York City
a bag on the sidewalk
#SkyTeamRTW in San Francisco
a blue and white bag on a brick surface
#SkyTeamRTW watching young romance under a setting sun in Sydney
a blue and white bag with a logo on it
#SkyTeamRTW at morning prayer in Taipei
a person walking down a narrow alleyway
#SkyTeamRTW lost along the side streets of Tokyo
a police car parked in front of a building
#SkyTeamRTW gets a tour of Seoul with the Seoul Police.
a bag with tags on it
#SkyTeamRTW arrives in Guangzhou
a bag on the side of a river
#SkyTeamRTW in Bangkok
a bag with a blue and white stripe on it next to a man and a elephant
#SkyTeamRTW hanging out with orphan elephants in Nairobi.
a bag on the ground with Rijksmuseum in the background
#SkyTeamRTW takes in Amsterdam early in the morning.
a bag on a sidewalk with a ferris wheel in the background
#SkyTeamRTW enjoying a gorgeous afternoon in London.
a woman sitting on a bench with a bag on it
#SkyTeamRTW among the lovers on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
a bag on a bench in front of Plaza Mayor, Madrid
#SkyTeamRTW in Madrid
a view of a football stadium from a fish eye lens
#SkyTeamRTW enjoys the serenity of being alone in a football stadium in Buenos Aires.
a view of a bag from a train
#SkyTeamRTW’s last stop, home, New York.
a hand holding a cell phone
Last photo of the #SkyTeamRTW bag with airline crew members, departing EZE for JFK.
a display of model airplanes on shelves
The #SkyTeamRTW Bag goes home to SkyTeam’s HQ at AMS.

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