Clothing For Travel, Choosing Practical Clothing For Use & Security

Choosing what stays with us as we travel has changed.  You used to keep a wallet in your pocket, maybe a notepad and a pen, and you were off. If you were so inclined, you tossed a camera on your shoulder.  The nature of travel has remained the same, but what comes with us has changed, as we now carry multiple debit cards, mobile phones with our personal details, laptops or tablets and other items that put us at risk for a very serious loss if taken from us or misplaced


Thieves have always existed, the basic techniques for theft have not changed much, but a traveler’s options to minimize their exposure to such a risk have significantly evolved.  Many manufactures are incorporating security features into their clothing, and in ‘every day’ clothing, no longer just the clothes that scream “TOURIST!


While traveling the globe for the #SkyTeamRTW journey I chose one type of clothing, three pairs of pants, six polo shirts, a hoodie sweatshirt and a fleece jacket that converts to a vest … all from Scottevest.


Scottevest clothing, while primarily designed for technology users, allowing for headsets to be installed into the clothing, as well as providing users the ability to carry their tablets inside their jackets and use their phones from inside their clothing, also have many security functions.   Scottevest Pants have dual hand pockets; one “normal” like a standard pant pocket and another very deep that is impossible for a pickpocket to reach into. Rear pockets are also dual and allow users to quick stash items like an iPad Mini (just don’t sit on the iPad), which is great when quickly working on the road.   The pants’ side hand pockets will also fit an iPad Mini, but it is harder to remove from the side pocket … but those long side pockets can hold some long camera lenses! (they easily fit a 70-200f2.8)


The Polo shirts from Scottevest, aside from being durable and comfortable have an excellent security feature, a hidden side pocket along the right side waist, which fits a Passport.   While I primarily used it to hold money, having a pocket that is not easy to locate, not easy to open and that can be tucked into the waist of pants, is a fantastic way to keep passports or currency safe.


Need to keep your train ticket handy? The polo shirts also have a handy zippered stack pocket up by the collar. You’ll never be caught fumbling for that subway fare card again.


The Scottevest hoodie sweatshirt is a travelers dream in the airport and on a plane.  A large enough hood to block out the world around you while on a plane, and interior pockets that can easily hold your mobile phone, your tablet, boarding pass, and designed to install ear buds.     Quickly having your phone or tablet handy in the airport is fantastic, but once you settle into the seat, pull the hood up, place your ear buds, you’ll get why this sweatshirt is makes travel more comfortable.


Finally, the most versatile piece of Scottevest clothing that accompanied me on the #SkyTeamRTW journey, the Fleece 7.0. Over a 12 day span I crossed from Summer to Winter to Summer three times, this makes packing a challenge. With the Fleece 7.0 not only did I have a comfortable jacket-and-vest in one … I had versatile clothing in which I could carry an 11” MacBook Air or an iPad, two secure pockets for our two iPhones, that could be used without ever removing the phones from the pockets, interior pockets for sun glasses, boarding passes, map, notebooks, functional pen slots and more.


People often say the live in their clothing, well with the Scottevest clothing I literally lived and worked out of my clothing while traveling through 15 cities, 13 counties, across six continents, in less than two weeks.   Functional, durable, offering superior security, this clothing wasn’t just clothing, it was every bit a part of our work gear as the #SkyTeamRTW messenger bag, my phones, laptops and power supplies.


Take a look at some of the Scottevest clothing and how it was used and consider checking them out at


Happy Flying!




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