Gura Gear Bag – Learn The Back Story On The Bag & It’s Creator On Inside Digital Photo Radio

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12/12/2008 – Gura Gear Bag – Learn The Back Story On The Bag & It’s Creator On Inside Digital Photo Radio

Back in early November I introduced the readers of Flying With Fish to one of the first looks anywhere of the Gura Gear Kiboko photo backpack. This bag has quickly become an absolute favourite of mine.

The Gura Gear bag was designed by nature and wildlife photographer Andy Biggs, who is based in Texas but frequently, works in throughout Africa. Andy’s insights into the needs of a traveling photographer are fantastic and if you’re interested in learning more about how the bag came about, you’re in luck!

In late November Andy Biggs was interviewed by Scott Sheppard, on Inside Digital Photo Radio, and the interview has now been placed online. As luck would have it, Andy and Scott seem to have discussed my review of the bag, its nice to know that some people appreciate how I abuse the bags I use!

To listen to the complete radio interview, and listen to Andy discussing his photography, his photo safari-workshops and most importantly how he created the Gura Gear photo backpack click here:

To read my first look review of the incredible Gura Gear Kiboko backpack check out: 11/11/2008 – Gura Gear Kiboko Photo Backpack : A First Look At A Fantastic Bag

Happy Flying!


  1. Hi Fish;

    Are you using this bag on a regular basis? Been a couple months since you appear to have first received it so wondering if it still part of your travel kit.


  2. Allen,

    I have been using the bag quite extensively. I have been using it most of the time in conjunction with my Mountainsmith Day pack to hold my laptop and some other small basics. As the Gura Gear Kiboko does not hold a laptop, the Mountainsmith Day totes around either my 15″ PowerBook or 13″ MacBook on the road.

    For jobs where I’ll need to work from pouch system I tend to lay a set of Newswear Press Pouches, on a Newswear belt over my lighting gear and zip it up. I really like the Think Tank Skin pouch kit, but the Newswear belt fits in the backpack better.


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