How Far Would You Let a Heavy Metal Singer Push An Airbus’ Limits?

Iron Maiden’s lead singer Bruce Dickenson is a man of many talents, skilled vocalist, world-class fencer, BBC Radio 6 presenter … and commercial airline pilot.

Yes, Iron Maiden’s lead singer is also a commercial airline captain, flying the Boeing 757-200 for Astraeus Airlines. In fact, in an unheard of move Bruce Dickenson worked with Astraeus Airlines to create the world’s only Boeing 757-200-Combi, so he could fly Iron Maiden around the world during their 2008 Somewhere Back In Time Tour.

Converting an aircraft into a ‘combi’ is a major undertaking, once the conversion is completed the aircraft that has its main deck configured for both passengers and cargo.  You can see Iron Maiden’s Boeing 757-23A-Combi, named “Ed Force One” in the documentary film “Flight 666” (which I am actually watching as I write this post)

…but on to the point of this post, a while back it seems that the Discovery Channel sent Bruce Dickenson off to the Airbus testing facility in Toulouse, France to push the Airbus A320 to the limits.   I have seen testing footage from Boeing and Airbus in the past, however never presented in such an entertaining manner as having Bruce Dickenson at the controls.

Clear 6 minutes and 50 seconds from your schedule and click the video below … prepare to be wowed and amused all at the same time.

Happy Flying!

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