So What’s With Uzbekistan Airways “Good Luck” Slogan?

For the past few months a billboard from Uzbekistan Airways with the slogan “Good Luck” has appeared throughout various internet forums. More often than not those posting the photo want to know the origin of the billboard and more importantly … why would an airline choose the slogan “Good Luck”

Lets deal with the easy part … the origin of the photo is simple, it comes from a 29-July-2009 trip report posting on by user “AOMlover” regarding his travels with Uzbekistan Airways.   The actual Uzbekistan Airways billboard is displayed in the domestic terminal at Tashkent International Airport (TAS).

So, what’s with the Uzbekistan Airways “Good Luck” slogan? The “Good Luck” slogan is in fact part of the Uzbekistan national symbol, as well the Uzbekistan Airways aircraft are painted in colours reflecting the national traditional symbol for peace and good luck, which translated into Uzbek is “Ok yul.”

The Uzbekistan Airways aircraft are white, green and blue with thin red stripes. These colours break down to with a meaning important to the people of Uzbekistan.

White is the symbol of peace and good luck, or “Ok Yul” if you’re in Uzbekistan. The blue stands for the water & sky, or the source of life. Green is the colour for a good harvest and new life. The thin red stripes on the aircraft symbolize the power of life.

So, given the cultural significance “Good Luck” on the Uzbekistan Airways billboard makes complete sense.

Below is a copy of the original photo of the Uzbekistan Airways billboard as well as a public relations image of a Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 767-300 showing the colours of the aircraft.

Happy Flying!

a large billboard with a picture of a plane

a plane flying above the clouds