iPad App of the Week : Mosquito Repeller

Sometimes I see Apps on the iTunes App Store that just make me chuckle, however this week’s iPad App of the Week both makes me chuckle and actually works.

With more than 2,500 variants of mosquitoes around the world (and the London Underground literally having essentially an entirely different species of mosquito than the rest of the planet), mosquitoes are a problem nearly anywhere you might travel around the Globe. With my backyard often being filled with mosquitoes flying around in the evening I downloaded this week’s iPad App of the Week out of desperation of being bitten while working outside … but I had no expectations of it actually working … much to my surprise … it worked!

This week’s iPad App of the Week is Mosquito Repeller.

Mosquito Repeller works in a rather ingenious way … it does not create a blinking blue light that zaps mosquitoes out of the skip, it does however generate an inaudible sound wave in the 16,000Hz to 21,000Hz range is irritating to mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Repeller App features three levels of audio, which can be adjusted by users by tapping the “Power Button” on the iPad screen.  I must admit I never tried Level I or Level II, I went right for Level III of anti-mosquito noise and it seemed to work quite well.  I know it sounds a bit odd to sit outside with your laptop for work and your iPad to keep the mosquitoes around, but in a pinch it worked and I am less bitten up due to this App!

Mosquito Repeller costs a mere US$0.99 and is worth every cent.

Below are four screen shots of Mosquito Repeller from my iPad.

Happy Flying … or Happy Non-Flying for those pesky mosquitoes.

a screenshot of a computer

a digital clock with a round button

a screen shot of a computer

a screen shot of a computer

a screen shot of a computer

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