TSA Seeks The Best Candidates…via pizza box ads

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has battled many public relations gaffs as the young agency finds its feet overseeing transportation security in the United States. The agency promotes its career opportunities on its careers website as “From law enforcement to technology and from security operations to management, we are looking for dedicated people with the skills and desire to join us.

Given the public perception issues the TSA faces, and its interest in recruiting a ‘better class of candidates’ you have to wonder why the TSA has chosen to place ads for its Transportation Security Officer (TOS) positions at Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport (DCA) and Dulles International Airport (IAD) on lids of take out pizza boxes with the headline of “A career where x-ray vision and Federal benefits come standard,” and the pitch of “See yourself in a vital role of Homeland Security. Be a part of a dynamic security team protecting airport and skies as you proudly secure your future.

I know many corporations and federal agencies are seeking creative recruiting tactics, but an agency that spends more than 98% of its US$7,101,828,000 budget on aviation security should be able to access a better recruiting strategy.

Rather than recruit people sitting at home eating pizza, why not target those coming to their end of their military enlistment or those in college seeking a degree in law enforcement?  Is wide area recruiting the best tactic for a nation’s “Homeland Security†agency responsible for screening more than 2 million people per day?”

I know if I was looking at potential job applications and in the section where you write in how you heard of the position someone wrote in “saw ad on pizza box” they probably would be tossed in the reject pile immediately.

Presently the TSA is hiring part time screeners at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) with a pay range of US$15.74 to US$23.61 an hour. In this economy, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that more than 14.6-million people in the United States are unemployed as of July 2 2010, the TSA should be able to find qualified candidates using a targeted approach rather than wasting tax paying money using a pizza delivery box as part of its recruiting campaign.

Below is a photo of the current TSA recruiting ad  as displayed on the Federal New Radio website, shot by WTOP’s Michelle Basch.

Happy Flying!

a white pizza box with black text

(Federal New Radio Link : http://bit.ly/9jU7Vv)

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