iPad App of the Week – Targus Stylus (its not an app)

Since I first received my iPad I’ve thought it was a near perfect device for so many things … I didn’t know what I was missing until earlier this week when I received a new accessory, an accessory I didn’t know I even needed.  This accessory has made using the iPad even easier … something I didn’t think was possible.

So, this week’s iPad (not an) App of the Week is the Targus Stylus for Apple iPad (did I mention it’s not an app?).

The Targus Stylus for the iPad allows user to use a pen like object with their iPad. The stylus makes drawing out ideas on Adobe Ideas easier, taking quick notes more legible, using the curves in Filterstorm more precise and the whole experience of using the iPad more ergonomic.

The tip of the Targus Stylus is a flexible rubber tip that makes using the Stylus smooth against the iPad screen, without leaving any scuffmarks on the screen.  At 9.6oz I just clip mine to my iPad case and don’t even notice it until I need it.

So … if you draw, edit photos or write with your iPad … consider adding the Targus Stylus to your kit (they make styluses for other companies who then tack $10 onto the cost).

Below is a quick shot of the Targus Stylus on my iPad, shot with my iPhone 4, using the GorillaCam App as I wrote this blog post.

Happy Flying!

a pen on a screen———————————————————————————————————–


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