iPhone App of the Week : Aircraft Recognition Guide

Back in October of 2009 I wrote up an iPhone that was great for airplane geeks, little kids, every day travelers and anyone who glances out the window standing in the airport here : iPhone App Of The Week : Aeroguidelite

While Aeroguidelite has been a fantastic app, it was removed from the iTunes store and a void existed … until recently when this week’s iPhone App of the Week was released (well rereleased I guess).

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is Aircraft Recognition Guide

Like Aeroguidelite, Aircraft Recognition Guide offers users access to information on more than 130 commercial and general aviation aircraft. This information offers images of the aircraft as well as technical statistics including dimensions, range, costs, fuel.  The Aircraft Recognition Guide takes the aircraft statistics a step further and includes addition information, including maximum take off weight, minimum runway length, climb rate and service ceiling.

If the technical statistics weren’t enough to keep plane spotters happy, the Aircraft Recognition Guide iPhone App also contains the aircraft liveries (paint schemes) for more than 700 aircraft from airlines around the world. These liveries are for more than 50 airlines and include not only the standard livery on various aircraft in the airline’s fleet, but also special liveries (such as the American AirlinesSupport Our Troops” livery in the images below).

This iPhone App is a great resource for both experienced ‘airplane geeks’ and ‘casual airplane geeks.’  If you have kids interested airplanes, Aircraft Recognition Guide is also compatible with the iPod Touch.

Below are 8 screen shots of the Aircraft Recognition Guide from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

a screenshot of a cell phone

a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a computer

a screenshot of a computer

a screenshot of a computer

a screenshot of a phone

a white airplane with red and blue stripes

a white airplane with red and blue text


  1. This is not an aircraft recognition guide but rather an encyclopedia of aircraft. An actual aircraft recognition guide would work like an Audubon bird guide. You would start with a list of features and then be able to deduce which aircraft you saw. To use this reference, you already need to know the name of the aircraft. Who among has this knowledge and, of those, who would need such a guide?

  2. Can I access this app on android…sounds interesting. I would like to install on my tablet…any charge !….many thanks

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