iPhone App of the Week : FlyersRights

After being noticeably absent for the past few weeks from Flying WIth Fish as I focused primarily on aviation security stories I am happy to bring back the iPhone App of the Week series.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is timed to correspond with the peak holiday travel season … which also happens to correspond with the time of year when most flight delays occur.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is FlyersRights.

FlyersRights is the iPhone from the passengers rights group FlyersRights.org.  Before I go any further into this App I must disclose that I do not support FlyersRights.org and have fundamental problems with the organization … however the App itself is extremely handy for travelers.

FlyersRights puts passengers rights, laws and regulations at their fingertips should unexpected delays and cancellations arise for flyers in the United States.  The FlyersRights App is broken out in primary sections and subsections which make finding information extremely easy while standing in a packed airport gate area surrounded by hundreds of angry fellow passengers.

Some topics include recourse for delays & cancelations, being bumped and baggage issues, as well as tips for being ‘stranded.’    This App also offers contacts to the Department Of Transportation (DOT) and airlines.

An interesting feature is the ‘Delay Event’ that allows you to document your delays in detail.  The Delay Event feature allows users to record all the critical data for their own records or filing a complaint.

If you fly the FlyersRights App is ideal for knowing your options without having to waste time researching your rights, contract of carriage and avenues you can pursue.

Below are eight screen shots of FlyersRights from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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a close-up of a website a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a close-up of a paper


  1. I’d just like to point out on the last screen shot #5 says your flight is in violation of the Passengers’ Bill of Rights. That is not necessarily true, in fact odds are good that the flight isn’t in violation of the law.

  2. Seems to me the app has been pulled from the app store (This item is no longer available). A rather large bummer.

  3. The app appears in the app store, but when you attempt to purchase, a message appears indicating that it is no longer available.

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