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5/11/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : FlyerStats

When traveling it is always handy to know how far you have travelled. For many travellers this is basic curiosity, for other traveller it is the need to know how many frequent flyer miles they are earning.

I have used a number of comprehensive and somewhat complex frequent flyer Apps, but all I ever really wanted to know was how many miles had I flown.  This week’s iPhone App of the Week is FlyerStats.

FlyerStats is simple, it allows users to enter airport codes then it calculates accurate air miles by using the Great Circle Route.   Routes appear to have an arc due to the Earth being round yet appearing flat on the map. This arc curvature allows for a more accurate travel distance.

I have found the FlyerStats App to be a fantastic tool for both travel planning and mileage planning.   With a current price tag of FREE at the tunes App Store you can’t beat it.

…there currently is one major flaw with FlyersStats as for me, my primary home airport of Tweed-New Haven Airport (HVN), which is a vet small airport, is not a recognized airport!

Below are five screen shots of FlyerStats from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a cell phone

a map of the world with red dots a screenshot of a phone

a map of the world

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