Sesame Street Turns 40…and how it relates to travel & photography

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4/11/2009 – Sesame Street Turns 40…and how it relates to travel & photography

Today is Sesame Street’s Birthday; this morning as kids around the world tune in to watch their familiar friends, the show turns 40 years old.   You are probably wondering what any of this has to do with Flying With Fish, travel or photography…

…but believe it or not like many others out there, Sesame Street shaped who I am and how I got here.  While my kids think I am similar to Oscar The Grouch (we do share some organization habits) I’d like to take moment and reflect on one character in particular…Grover.

Why Grover?  Simple, Grover appears in many episodes as a photographer. Not only is Grover a photographer, but also he is a travelling photographer!   Tan photo vest, camera slung over his shoulder, he makes his way through exotic locations to find his photographs.    When not out and about with his camera, a regular Sesame Street segment is Grover’s exploration of the world, different locations, different cultures, always focusing on children, families and pointing out the similarities that we are all the same…despite our cultural differences.

So while I may seem like Oscar the Grouch; have a habit at times of eating like Cookie Monster; find myself reporting on the news like Kermit; at times take on the personality of Bert; and see myself more like Gordon when it comes to bed time In my house…I am sure I can somehow trace my love of understanding and exploring the world around me to Grover.

Happy Birthday Sesame Street…May You Have 40 More!

Happy Flying!
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