iPhone App of the Week : United Airlines Optathlon Games

Airline iPhone Apps tend to be utility items, focused on schedules, flight information, booking flights, keeping track frequent flyer miles and some include destination information … but this week’s iPhone App of the Week is focused on something else.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week focuses on both having some fun and offers players immediate rewards for playing.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is United Airlines’ Optathlon Games.

Anyone who has sat at an airport gate waiting for a flight knows the desire to keep themselves entertained easily and immediately … well United Airlines’ Optathlon Games provides not only quick and immediate entertainment, but it also rewards its players!

While players of Optathlon Games can win up to 1,000,000 miles in the United Airlines Mileage Plus accounts, more likely is players instantly winning access to the airlines Red Carpet Club, Premier Line, Economy Plus or a 10% e-certificate.

While I have access to United’s Premier Line and Red Carpet Club as a Star Alliance Gold frequent flyer … I love the chance to instantly upgrade to Economy Plus on flights or win a 10% e-certificate for future flights.

The two games available on the Optathlon iPhone App (since more are available at games.united.com) are Line Jump Hero and Legroom Legend.  Both games deal with the realities and frustrations of airline travel and poke fun at long lines and annoying children on flights … plus they are addictive games and fun to play!

In Legroom Legend players are seated in United’s Economy Plus with an irritating redheaded child in front of them throwing items at them.  The goal is to use your legs to kick the items out of the air and onto your tray table.  If you watch closely the items being tossed at you are branded with the United logo and include a toy car, football, baseball and Blackberry.

Line Jump Hero, which is the game I find myself playing more and more, allows you to choose if you’re a male or female traveller, who is seated on their rolling suitcase. You must use your quick eye hand coordination to keep the suite case rolling a top speed as you approach a ramp to launch you over a line of people waiting to check in (level 1), get through security (level 2), board a flight (level 3). Once airborne your goal is maximum distance as your suitcase riding character gets wings and rocket power to propel them as far down the line as possible.

At the end of each game you can submit your score and check out leader board, retry or enter to see if you’ve won instantly.   Me … I like instant gratification … so I tend to choose instant win and try to rack up the 10% off e-certificates, although when traveling I like to try for the Economy Plus seating upgrade.

Even if you’re not a United Airlines flyer, you’ll enjoy playing United Airlines’ Optathlon.

Below are 13 screen shots of the United Airlines Optathlon iPhone App from my iPhone the other day.

Happy Flying!

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a child drinking from a bottle a screenshot of a game

a screenshot of a computer screen

a cartoon character riding a suitcase

a screenshot of a video game

a video game screen with people walking

a video game of a plane a video game of a person jumping on a plane

a screenshot of a video game

a screenshot of a mobile application a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone


  1. Hi Steven. Great review. In fact, so good I’m borrowing it, with due credit and links of course.

    We enjoy your blog, with all it’s bells and whistles!
    Thank you………..

    Martha & Chip

  2. A big boooooo, to the US Only aspect of this app. United runs hundreds of flights/ week in and out of Canada (although to be fair, I couldn’t find the number,) but there’s no app love for us. When will businesses realize that the earth doesn’t revolve around one country and one country only….

  3. I love this app. I have won 3 10% e-certificates (2 of my last 3 games have been winners). Beyond the potential prize factor it is just a good way to spend time when waiting in line. I would like so see the newer games on the website come over to the iPhone.

  4. Kris,

    If you go to http://games.united.com there are two other games and a 5th game is soon to be released. These games are online only, not on the iPhone or Android Apps … but hopefully they’ll add them to the apps in a future update.

    Happy Flying!


  5. Win those e-certificates! Then, try to use them on United.com – the system won’t accept them. You have to call United, go through various girations with the reservations agent and be passed on to customer service in order to use them. Poor customer service! The certificates will be accepted for travel but while you are waiting for the agent to process your certificate, the fares have gone up.

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