Mileage Runs Explained

I have previously written about frequent flyer mileage runs, frequent flyer elite status and other related frequent flyer junkie topics on Flying With Fish … and have more than once found myself explaining the benefits of both frequent flyer elite status and mileage runs in other various mediums.

The practice of making mileage runs and seeking airline elite status escapes the logic of most people and it can be difficult to explain (especially since I am not a mileage runner), but yesterday evening a link to an animated video was sent my way that I think pretty well sums up mileage runs.

So … click the image below for a 1 minute 57 second explanation of mileage running.

Happy Flying!


  1. Saw the follow up to this one too where she bashes him for his terrible 10 cents per mile run. Quite funny. Certainly a you get it or you don’t aspect of life.

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