Moose Peterson’s Air-to-Air Photo Workshops … Learn From a Legend

Moose Peterson is a world renowned wildlife photographer, landscape photographer, camera bag designer and he literally wrote the book on Nikon.  While my interests were never in wildlife photography, I was hooked at Moose’s work at the age of 16 when I received my copy of the Nikon System Handbook (now in it its sixth edition). In 1996 I had the chance to shoot landscapes with Moose at Mono Lake, in California (not like he remember me, or that morning) …


… but Moose has photo interests aside from wildlife and landscapes … he also loves to shoot planes, specifically old military aircraft.   If you read Flying With Fish you probably figured out that I love planes, I am a commercial aircraft geek, however the sleek beauty of military aircraft, especially vintage aircraft is hard to resist.


If you love photography and are drawn to the pure beauty of vintage aircraft rumbling through the skies, you’ll love the opportunity to photograph from an aerial platform. There is something magical about framing up a photo of a plane in flight from a plane in flight … but it is not as easy as people think. Shooting air-to-air images isn’t a forgiving work environment, the shooting platform is restricting, the vibrations can be jarring, the noise is deafening … but the images created from the air are rewarding.


So … want to learn how to shoot air-to-air images of aircraft in flight, learning from one of the best photographers currently working today?  Then check out Moose Peterson’s Air2Air Workshops.


You can check out videos of two of his recent workshops HERE and HERE. Even if you’re not planning on attending these workshops, you should check out the two videos linked above … you won’t be disappointed.


Happy Flying!


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