Protect Your Laptop & Save Your Valuable Packing Space

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22/12/2008 – Protect Your Laptop & Save Your Valuable Packing Space

Saving space while protecting your laptop is a concern of many travelers.   As many laptops get slimmer and lighter in weight they tend to be slightly more prone to bumps and bangs.  While the older Apple G3 Pismo was a real tank that could take a beating, it also took up more space and weighed significantly more than 13″ MacBook, thus the logistics of packing these two laptops is quite different in terms of space, weight, protection needed and how it relates to packing gear around them.

Many photo and business travellers have contacted me asking me what I use to protect my laptops when travelling. I have seen examples of laptop attaché cases that get slipped into backpacks and briefcases; large overly padded cases that suck up more space in a roll-aboard bag than all my clothes for a 3 day trip; and a variety of other cases that seem very well padded, while eating up very valuable space in a bag.

For me, I travel and pack light. Having tried, used and travelled with many laptop cases, I have found myself primarily gravitating to simple Case Logics’s neoprene sleeves. For the past year both my 15″ Apple PowerBook and 13″ Apple MacBook have generally travelled in a Case Logic fitted neoprene sleeve. At around US$20.00 they are low coast, use virtually no space and when used in conjunction with proper packing, provide ample protection for my laptops.

I find the neoprene sleeves ideal for how I pack.  The ‘envelope’ design allows me to simply slip my laptop in, and I can leave the top open or closed. The slim cushion of neoprene is excellent at conforming to the laptop as well as absorbing the minor bumps and dings of items in my bag pushing against the laptop. Additionally, when using my laptop in my lap, placing the neoprene sleeve below the laptop has proved excellent at absorbing the heat emitted through the base of the laptop (much more of a problem with the PowerBook than the MacBook).

As neoprene sleeves take up almost no space, and generally conform to your laptop, they can be fit into almost any packing scenario.

So next time you’re shopping for a new laptop sleeve, consider skipping the expensive case that takes up a space and look at the simple US$20 neoprene sleeves.  CaseLogic’s laptop sleeves can be found almost anywhere.

Below are a few photos of my 13″ MacBook in a Case Logic sleeve.

Happy Flying!
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a laptops on a table

a cd case with writing on it

a white bag with writing on it


  1. If I am not mistaken, another advantage of the neoprene sleeve is it is acceptable to the TSA folks and it can remain on the laptop while it passes through the X-Ray machine.

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