Ryanair To Launch Kid Free Flights…no its not April 1st

Irish low cost carrier Ryanair can be seen in many different ways, innovative, controversial, evil, profitable, brilliant, dastardly … but if nothing else the airline has forged its own path and certainly made a name for itself doing things other airlines only dream about or don’t dare do.

Today Ryanair has announced it that this coming October the airline will go one step further in pushing the boundaries of commercial air travel by implementing adult only flights on certain routes. Yes, you heard right … flights free of children.

Ryanair has chosen to go forward in implanting flights free of kids after a survey of 1,000 travelers revealed that half of those surveyed would pay a higher fare to fly on a child free flight. TravelMole has also published the complete breakdown of Ryanair’s survey, which you can read here – Ryanair to introduce child-free flights.

In true Ryanair fashion of throwing gasoline on the fire, TravelMole published a brilliant quote from Ryanair’s spokesman Stephen McNamara in regard to flying with children this morning, “When it comes to children we all love our own but would clearly prefer to avoid other people’s little monsters when traveling.”

It will be interesting to see how Ryanair prices the child free flights and if low cost carriers, such as Spirit Airlines in the United States follow their lead.

Happy Flying … unless you plan to fly with your kids.


  1. Wasn’t there a non-smoking airline maybe 20 years ago that lasted all of a few months? This gimmick seems along the same lines. I’m skeptical that this is viable – they’re a budget airline, so when push comes to shove most of their passengers are going to go the cheaper route, while simultaneously antagonizing a good chunk of their customer base.

  2. I think what people don’t understand is that just because people say they will pay more doesn’t mean the actually will. I don’t see this going anywhere because in the end most people would rather fly for a little bit with kids than pay a bit more.

  3. My noise cancelling headset handles part of the problem. Now if it would only do something about the kicking of the back of my seat!!!!

  4. Erm…the date of the press release *is* 1 April – sadly, this isn’t going to happen

  5. Well, because of the TSA crap, I’m no longer flying, but if I were, I would definitely pay more for a flight that doesn’t have a bunch of undisciplined, screeching little brats on board. Maybe with the higher fares they could even offer a bit more leg room.

  6. i am sure 99 % of those passengers that would pay more for a flight but free of kids are german.
    nowhere in europe is the sight of a playing and screaming kid so disturbing like in germany.
    you do not see kid around after 8 pm there and accepting an inivtation to dinenr with kids is like an offence to your host.
    so ryanair is getting like the nazi, maybe ryanair will charge 5 euros extra the families for giving valium to kids before take off.

  7. Well done Ryanair, I would certainly pay extra for this, like someone else said, children are wonderful, except when they belong to someone else and are being a proper little pain! Put them all on a cargo plane!

  8. everyone appreciate it untill the moment of having own children will come. since that time you get a bit screwed up by reading the articles like this. but yes. maybe it´s good for our civilization to enjoy the world completely without the children. Good bye europeans. welcome asians.

  9. yes Yes YES!!!!! FINALLY!!!! No more screaming childlren and snotty parents whom don’t give a rip!!!!! As a former cabin crew employee, I am all for this!! Good for you Ryan Air!!!!

  10. Kudos to ryanair for this much awaited decision to leave all kids behind. Now all we need to do is implement this into restaurants so hard working adults can enjoy a night out.

  11. Brilliant. To turn this positively, other flights can be called “family flights”. So it is transparent and each adult can choose. After all i can choose to go to an adult movie, no kids allowed, everybody is ok, except dr Spock.

  12. Brilliant. To turn this positively, other flights can be called “family flights”. So it is transparent and each adult can choose. After all i can choose to go to an adult movie, no kids allowed, everybody is ok, except dr Spock.

  13. Stupid A*sh*les at Ryanair need to learn something: Never EVER discriminate someone based on age.

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